Files for Alan Greene

The Mute

Alan Greene — Jan 31, 2000

A gorgeous net map, second place winner in the Nardo Mapmaking Contest. Although some of it seems claustrophobic, there are several larger areas, and flow from one area to the next is quite good. Vertical angles, while steep, in no way impeded us from killing one another. The attention to detail is fantastic; if you've always wanted to die in some beautiful garden, this is the place. Check it out!

"Forth, Standoffish"

Alan Greene — Feb 12, 1999

Package includes two films both of which show solo play against Rocket Bob's. KOTH play with a very difficult Hill to defend. Will support two players, crowded at 6. Small map, fast & furious, short time on your timer. No Bob's with Map.


Alan Greene — Jan 20, 1999

A very good map made with the lava textures. Flow is good, object placement was well thought out and the use of sounds was placed very well. This map works well with a large group but you could get by with three players. Most net modes supported.

Evil: Triptych

Alan Greene — Mar 04, 1998

Another very good level, this one at times resembles a very large arena, but like his other maps it is once again, a "You call it". I had a lot of fun trying to stay alive in this one, and if your in need for some "Evil" carnage, this is the download for you!

Evil: Androgynous to the Touch

Alan Greene — Mar 04, 1998

I have debated on what to say about this level. It is a very large, fast, loaded with baddies, tons of ammo, lots of weapons and really laid out well. A large net map, a practice level? You decide, but it is definitely worth your time and please send the author some email on what you think.