Files for cyenobite

cyensniper.sit v1.0

cyenobite — Apr 10, 2001

This simple alteration, lets the standard pistol, fire with the same damage (if not more) of a missle. This is a great file, to add for creating "sniper" type games. Just bunker in, a room, or dark corner of a map, and pick off the un-suspecting. Another change to the weapons, is that the machine gun grenades act like "mines". They have a Slow trajectory (so they won't last forever), but these work great down a long hallway, and just wait for someone to run into them.
This physics file was created to go along with my network maps under "cyenV1.38"

CyenV1.38.sit v1.0

cyenobite — Apr 09, 2001

These levels were designed around 3 people on a network game. So the levels are fairly small. Look for hidden doors.
These levels also work great with an altered physics file, to have the standard gun, modified for a one shot kill.
expect kill rates to be in the 30-50's for a 12 minute game.
Warning, do not mix these levels with caffiene!