Files for D Andrew Schutz

Storm Tower v1.1

D Andrew Schutz — May 09, 1997

A update of a previously posted map on the HA. This level now supports KOtH and KtmwTB. Still one of my favorites. Force fields that bounce you half-way across the map....and some other great effects...

Dash's Sound Patch

D Andrew Schutz — Mar 12, 1997

A very good sound patch that was made by the author to fit a dance type of net level. It also has some other techno sounds added to it.

Niagarena Falls

D Andrew Schutz — Mar 12, 1997

A very large net level that has some neat tricks to it. A couple of water chutes (cannons), a couple of transporters and some very deep and big water areas. Just like the title suggests. No Flechette, the author did this on purpose so the level would play in Marathon 2 as well. You will have to go swimming to get the guns you need, and ammo.

Carnagey Hall

D Andrew Schutz — Mar 12, 1997

A medium sized rectangular level that despite the polygon effects is still pretty fast. A raised walkway around the edge and across the middle of the lowered carnage area provides for some high carnage totals. Again the author suggest using the "DASH" sounds patch along with the game.


D Andrew Schutz — Mar 12, 1997

This is a cool map. A very big large net level that has a opening splash screen of "Let's Dance". From this point on you will be really inspired to start making maps. The visual design of this map is excellent and you will really feel like you are in a techno-club. You can try this one solo but even with eight it is going to take some patience. Along with the theme of the map the "dash" sounds patch fits right in, and it fits very well. The whole map is built on a techno-rave dance club theme and the extras that you get are great. The music that is loaded in along with some pretty cool transport, and other sounds makes this map one you will want to play more than once. I know this is Marathon but to be honest I completely forgot about that and just kept listening. What a cool idea!!!!!!!!!!

Potato Ball

D Andrew Schutz — Mar 12, 1997

A good idea that seems to be the thing to do right now. A small arena complete with a audience (aliens) in the bleachers and with 2 blue s'pht as ticket takers. Sounds interesting, huh?? Those Potatoanus' are the balls and you job is to blast it into the opposing goal. You start in the locker area right next to the showers, then you progress by the concession stand and then into the arena. Pretty fun if this is your type of Marathon.