Files for Damon Holmes

Vermicide ƒ

Damon Holmes — Jan 15, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Kleptomania v1.0

Damon Holmes — May 23, 1996

Lots of passageways and stairs, with one Spanker (hence the name).

Vermicide v1.1

Damon Holmes — May 23, 1996

Another very nice small arena. Well thought-out in terms of movement... for example, you can't jump straight into the center from one of the side passages (but there are a few non-direct routes...) Our experience was that this little feature gave the hill guy that extra second to get a shot off... until people got used to the layout. Update tweaks textures, sounds, placement, and adds a room.

Blunderdome v1.0

Damon Holmes — May 06, 1996

A duplicate of Thunderdome, except it's dark.

Joel, Slayer of Trees v2.0

Damon Holmes — Apr 23, 1996

Almost all the bobs have been pulled, and a few secrets have been added. A much better map than the last version. Still works best with small groups...

All Too Easy v1.1

Damon Holmes — Apr 23, 1996

A nice wheel-like ring, but you can shoot through the inside wall of the outer ring across the center. Made for KOH, but be careful... the Hill is surrounded by polys that'll teleport you into a bob-crusher you can't escape from. One good grenade at someone standing on the hill is usually enough to knock them into the bob-crusher circle, if they don't start moving immediately. Update is no longer 68K-clean, but has some lighting updates.

Can You Fly, Bobby? v1.1

Damon Holmes — Mar 18, 1996

A simple arena with a bunch of teleporters. Be in the right place, and you can take 'em out as they 'port in... Update cleans up some stuff, adds a few tweaks.

I Hate Crossword Puzzles

Damon Holmes — Mar 18, 1996

Designed to look like-yep, you guessed it-a crossword puzzle. From the included films, it seems to work okay, flowwise.

Beware of the Treata Nons!

Damon Holmes — Feb 12, 1996

A very simple map. Just a square with a waterfall loop and a teleporter...