Files for Alberto Bisaccia

Get In The Ring

Alberto Bisaccia — Jun 02, 1997

The author says in the read me that this is a dumb map. I disagree! This is a 2 player small net level that is a mock up of a boxing ring. No ammo, no weapons and a host of fans in the audience. (hunters, security bob, regular bobs). Some very nice detail in the walls of the outside of the ring. The ring is only about 4 to 8 polys large and you must use your fists against your opponents. This is a great vid-master practice level. Maybe a novelty map, but, IMHO, this is a small net map that you can use to hone your skills.

Moonlight Diner

Alberto Bisaccia — May 12, 1997

A small net level built with the pfhor texture set. A hill surrounded by a lower ring. There are rings that elevate as they wrap around the middle square arena. Two transporters takes you to the hill. Sniper perches are accessible via elevators. A fairly well constructed small map, some good texture choices and some great ideas. Only one bug in one of the sniper areas, the elevator height is set too high. Expect an update soon.

Bowser Castle

Alberto Bisaccia — May 12, 1997

This level is probably one of the neatest design's I have seen in a while. I took my time going through it, and finally decided that it was the 5D that made it so different. And, a 5D that is brilliantly disguised. A small hill that is surrounded by elevated lava pools. Access to the hill is via elevators. (this hill is tiny so be careful when firing the spnkr) Surrounded by 3 rings, one that surrounds the whole map which is bounded by landscape. The second one that is enclosed via windows to the hill. Some stairs and elevators give you a variety on this ring. The third, that runs enclosed just inside of the first one mentioned, that is at ground level. THEN, you have the outside arena (5D) that has a light textured hill. Some great ideas in this one. KOtH or EMfH are supported. The readme says it is a small net map. I would hate to see what he calls a large netmap. A great download.

Everyone Says

Alberto Bisaccia — May 12, 1997

A very large open air arena built on the lava texture set. Reminded me of a combination of Route 66, and Thunderdome. Due to the size and a couple of other parameters, this one ran slow at times. Still a good KoTH map. The hill is loaded with weapons and a recharge. Will support EMfH as well.