Files for Darius Gilder

Inner Light

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

Very dark, except for the (sunken) hill. Square.

Sniper's Dream

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

A multilevel arena, with access to the hill only from the outside ring. Favors the player who can run and aim up...

Sniper's Dream v2.0

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

Sort of in the vein of Everybody's Mortal But Me, but with way more complexity. A central hill, in the middle of a raised cross... with lots of platforms (all nicely fast) and lots of teleporters (easy to figure out)-flow is superb, plenty of weapons... carnage should be really high.

Midnight Carnage (infinity)

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

A large, open arena with a semi-protected hill, surrounded by dual-level rings. Needs a bigger group if carnage levels are gonna be really high...

5D Madness

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

A three-level 5D map. Once you get the hang of it, the flow's great. Mapmaking detail is pretty nice, as well... great for small to medium sized groups.

Nighttime in Tool City

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

A wide-open, dark arena with lit sniper ledges and a lit hill. Straightforward, but fun.

The Toolshed

Darius Gilder — Jan 26, 1999

Eerie lighting and some funky 5D add up to pretty good carnage. Watch your back!

Shadow of Death v1.1

Darius Gilder — Nov 06, 1996

Extremely Thunderdome-like. Choice of textures gives the map a gentrified feel... small enough that carnage should be very, very high. Update fixes some lighting bugs, and tweaks ammo. Like all Carnage Inc. levels, this can also be found on the author's web page.

Agitation Arena

Darius Gilder — Nov 06, 1996

A big open-air arena, with enclosed killing rooms containing teleporters to sniper ledges. Simple, sweet, lots of ammo...

Shadow of Death

Darius Gilder — Nov 02, 1996

Thunderdome flashbacks here!! Textures are quite different and it is small enough that there should be a lot of carnage.

Death Rotunda

Darius Gilder — Oct 01, 1996

A standard arena with sniper positions reachable by easy-to-fall-off-of elevators.


Darius Gilder — Oct 01, 1996

A pretty slick little arena with a dangerous hill. (It's designed to look like a lantern... but what that really means is that shooting out from the hill is a risky proposition.)


Darius Gilder — Sep 27, 1996

A simple KOH map with protected "forts" at each end of the arena. Works best for 2-player games, or small teams.

Spanker Mania

Darius Gilder — Sep 27, 1996

This is what you'd get if you combined Everyone's Mortal with Thunderdome, then shrunk the result to 25%... a small, SPNKR-filled arena with spastic elevators and very little room for error. Expect to die a lot...

Pit of Death

Darius Gilder — Sep 27, 1996

A small outdoor arena with a gazebo-like hill and a raised outer ring. Nice lighting, and nice play on most machines, due to the small number of polys. (The hill is a bit hard to take at low-res.) Watch the long games... you'll be left with nothing but spanker and shotgun ammo after a while.

Fast and Furious

Darius Gilder — Sep 27, 1996

A straightforward multilevel arena (modified cross-and-diamond), with breathing rooms. Ammo will be tight for longer games.

Darius's NetMapPack

Darius Gilder — Sep 09, 1996

6 maps, mostly variations on Bungie's arena levels (M1 and M2). The biggest influences are Thunderdome, House of Pain, Everyone's Mortal But Me, and Waldo World. Generally nice construction, and plenty of weapons.