Files for Darius Gilder/Carnage Inc

4 Steps to Death

Darius Gilder/Carnage Inc — Feb 07, 1997

A small arena map with 4 starting rooms. The hill in the center of the arena is gradually raised to the top. As the author states this provides some very interesting lift effects while running across. Very simple design that should provide you with some wide open carnage... Great for KOTH and a few other net modes. Check the authors

The Window of Light

Darius Gilder/Carnage Inc — Feb 07, 1997

A medium sized arena map that has some very impressive lighting details. The center of the arena is similar to Route 66, but the ring that wraps around the arena is quite different. You will need to be fairly fast if you are a keyboard player or, this map will certainly improve your mouse skills. (OR make you become a mouse player) I first tried to fire from the outer hallway and wiped myself out due to the tightness of the hallway. Be careful and remember when firing a spankr where your aim point is!! A good fast map that should provide for some great carnage.......good design, great light sets, and due to the design it is quite fast.