Files for Darrel Plant

Carpal Tunnel

Darrel Plant — Sep 22, 1997

If you looking for some fast carnage with small to medium sized groups, then this map is for you. The author boasts of 284 kills with a 6 man group in less than 10 minutes with this map. A vertical, very linear two level tunnel built on the lava texture set. Fast paced fun with this one...

Bunker Hell

Darrel Plant — Jun 26, 1997

A very good construction idea! A large, very tall open air arena with bunkers sunken down in the bottom of pillars. Each bunker has weapons placed in them and some of the ammo is placed in the arena. In net play, these bunkers would be great for a "quasi-sniper" bunker. They are protected, IF, the other players don't have very good aim. If they do, watch out!! These sniper rooms can be turned into mortuaries. Worth the download...