Files for Dave Turner

Glory Hole

Dave Turner — Aug 14, 1996

This is a net level, but it doesn't matter if you aren't connected to a network-get this map. It doesn't matter if you don't like the design (I find it a bit labyrinthine, but others love that style) - get this map. Dave Turner has once again shown what can be done, by creating a map that uses three different media types (water, lava, and sewage) and two different texture sets (sets 1 and 2, water and lava), all on the same level! And just for fun, he's tossed in some cool tricks (switch-activated teleporter, multi-level elevator, retractable recharger). He also includes info on repeating the magic, if you feel so inclined.

Return To Mars 1.0.1

Dave Turner — Mar 07, 1996

Dave Turner, creator of the Rocket Trooper patch and co-creator of M1's Hutch, has recreated Mars Needs Women for M2. This isn't just a remake of the map... this is a remake of the level, textures and all! There are a couple of twists, but generally, this is very close to the original. See how this map really feels in M2 clothing! Also comes with a document explaining how the textures were imported, detailed enough to repeat with your own project. Now a very reasonable size, thanks to the Wall Extractor.You can read about how Dave did it in his document on the subject.

High & Low Map

Dave Turner — Nov 09, 1995

Another very high quality offering from Dave Turner (half of the team that produced Hutch). Consists of two parts, both of which can stand alone. The map is a very nicely done, very big arena-like area. Inspired by G4 Sunbathing and a ship loading terminal on the Seattle waterfront. Best with a fast machine. Also included (but not required) is a patch to turn Bobs and Troopers into fusion pistol or rocket-wielding characters. The troopers can be quite dangerous. The bobs are only dangerous if you get them mad. Check it out-you won't be disappointed. Very nice artworK on the shapes patches...