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The Devil's Own

David Bricker — Feb 08, 1999

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Sex and Violence

David Bricker — Jan 16, 1997

6 net levels: Courtyards, Decaffeinated, I'm Not Afraid of the Spotlight, King of the Damn Hill, Pfharade and Subterranean Heaven. The first one crashed my machine at least 3 times. The incredible amount of objects and sprites on this level was almost ridiculous. If you download this to test it---turn the aliens off, by all means!!!!!! Aliens were in the air, water, walls, rechargers just about everywhere. Two courtyards here that are linked by some passages.....some good construction ideas. Decaffeinated is a Pfhor type texture level. Again some pretty cool ideas. Spotlight was better IMO. Some of the design ideas with the stairs was really cool. King of the Damn Hill-Jjaro textures, Pfharade and Subterranean Heaven was a good design. The lava base sometimes was above and you worked in a ring around the bottom. Some pretty cool ideas here.