Files for David Cornwell

Here Be Dragons

David Cornwell — Nov 14, 1996

A rather large lava map, on two levels. Be sure to use your map view in the underground part... or you'll miss a passageway or two. Big enough for eight, but without the weapons support for that many...

Love and War v2.0

David Cornwell — Nov 14, 1996

A very large, sprawling level with a wide variety of playing areas (open, narrow corridors, and everything in between). Lots of lava to die in... some smearing due to sight lines longer than 28 WU's, but only in a few places. Is built with an, um, interesting physics model... Let's just say you'll see something you haven't seen before. It's not at all clear what this update adds... (the readme doesn't mention changes, and I didn't see anything radically different when I ran through it.)

When I Close My Eyes...

David Cornwell — Nov 14, 1996

Several rooms, linked together. Some rooms have pillars to dodge behind, and there's some Jjaro Goo to swim in. The included physics model provides invisible Pfhor.

"Fire, Walk With Me"

David Cornwell — Nov 14, 1996

Two levels: one cross-and-ring based over lava, and the other a huge water-filled room (with water pillars for gaining altitude). The fire level feels a lot like an old Mike Neylon level, FineLine, for anyone who remembers it. Update adds a custom physics model (you're faster, now) and removes the water level.

My Own Little Playground

David Cornwell — Oct 25, 1996

A tiny geometric level, with interesting lighting. Weapons and ammo seem to be designed for two or three players, but there are 8 starting positions. If you decide to run through this solo, you won't see any of the items-they've all been designated network-only.