Files for David Gordon

Descent 1.3

David Gordon — Jun 07, 1996

A 7-level descent into Hell. Visually, this is a stunning map. From the opening sequence (VERY cool doors) through the final battle, I was surprised by some of the unique touches of this map. The update has cleaned up quite a few crashes, and added terms, secrets, and battles. Also, I was wrong- no cheating necessary to get off the first level. There are still a few minor bugs, but nothing major.

DG's 4 Map Pak

David Gordon — Jun 07, 1996

4 levels (what did you expect?). Three are originals, one is a remake of someone else's M1 map. The remake is pretty impressive (a really large fortress, lots and lots of different areas), the originals are ordinary maps.

Gladiators (m2)

David Gordon — Apr 17, 1996

Very simple map. (Comes in two versions-one for two-person net play, one for solo play.) Basically, it's very similar to Evan Vetere's Joust- each player tries to knock the other off his platform into the lava below. Solo version substitutes a trooper for your net opponent.

The 80 Monster Killer

David Gordon — Apr 02, 1996

You're in a central pit. In a raised walkway around you are 80 baddies (mostly explodabobs). Step on the central poly, and you close a crusher, starting a chain reaction that kills almost all the rest. A single fusion pistol and a single assault rifle (no extra ammo) let you finish whoever didn't get wasted in the first wave... Another map I just don't get.


David Gordon — Mar 11, 1996

Just what it sounds like. Go outside... lots of secrets out there. Watch the traps, though...