Files for David Markowitz

Kill Em All 1.1

David Markowitz — Aug 28, 1996

Bobs, bobs, and more bobs. Some are explodabobs, some are not... Play it long enough, and you'll be fighting all of them, like it or not. A good test of how long you can stay alive against bobs. Update tweaks weapon availability.


David Markowitz — May 02, 1996

Lots and lots of twisty passageways, leading into monster-filled rooms. I'd recommend turning aliens off for netplay... or you're going to have a hard time finding your human opponents.

5th Spiral

David Markowitz — May 02, 1996

Concentric hallways spiraling out... hence the name. There are shortcuts at some of the outside corners, and at least one secret room. Also comes in a solo version.


David Markowitz — Apr 28, 1996

A small map. More than two or three would get really crowded. A couple of secrets, but basically, this is a first effort... sort of a test bed. (There's a little of everything...)

Middle of Nowhere

David Markowitz — Apr 28, 1996

A small arena with some not-so-apparent ledges. Watch the nasty platform in the lava.