Files for David Retchless

The Core (G4 or better) v0.9

David Retchless — Aug 19, 2000

This is a large circular arena, with grandstand-like steps around the edges, a towering, climbable hill in the center, and some tunnels for navigation. LIghting is very complex. The title is quite accurate... on a G4/400, there were places where the framerate dropped to 12 fps... and when networked to a G3/450, the problem spots dropped to below 5. Still, it's pretty... worth seeing what Aleph One is capable of.

Mir V1.0

David Retchless — Jan 13, 2000

A slick little rotating space station (contains a shapes patch to produce the rotation... don't worry, it's small). Big weapons are upstairs. (If you miss the elevators, check your map view.) And watch your back... the compilers outside can nail you if you're not looking! Might be big for 2, but should be okay for anything larger.