Files for David Santoro

Rushin' Roulette

David Santoro — Nov 10, 1995

A small pit with all the big weapons, but very, very slow elevators for escape... Watch your back!

Mile High Madness

David Santoro — Nov 06, 1995

Very simple map. You're on the roof of a skyscraper, with lots and lots of weapons. Fall off, and die.


David Santoro — Oct 16, 1995

Waldo World, but the arena walls have been mapped over with the space texture. Ledges are still lit, though...

Twin Towers

David Santoro — Oct 16, 1995

Very big, and way too many secrets (most of which you'd never find on your own). Luckily, a film is included...


David Santoro — Oct 03, 1995

Named for lighting effects that you don't have enough time to pay attention to... Mostly pretty tight (not too much open space), but spread out enough that there's room for 4 or so players. Two rechargers that are VERY hard to use, especially with more than two players...


David Santoro — Sep 25, 1995

Pretty big (looks like you'd need four or so for comfortable net play), but really well done. Some very nice features (polished crushers, e.g.). A little of everything...