Files for Derik Copus

King's Court

Derik Copus — Jul 07, 1996

An interesting little map, with lots of walls and windows blocking and facilitating long-distance shots... The hill's really not a safe place.


Derik Copus — Jul 06, 1996

A port of You Don't Need to See My ID. Some hallways (claustrophobic in the M1 version) are now wide enough for three people abreast... and at least one semi-open room has become seriously tight.

Five Alive

Derik Copus — Mar 03, 1996

A pretty mazelike wheel, with what looks to be a truly deadly hill... check out the lava paths, it's worth your while.

DC Arena

Derik Copus — Mar 03, 1996

A big arena with a recharger (not too safe) and entrance rooms for four players.


Derik Copus — Mar 03, 1996

A waldo-like arena with tons of compys and fighters. Good for solo, or for coop play.

Marathon: The Spank(ter)ing

Derik Copus — Feb 19, 1996

2 Maps. (One's actually pretty small...) The first one's pretty cool-stop anywhere on a water texture and teleport. Good for avoiding missile attacks. The second one's a bit confusing...multilevel, with a *very* fast elevator.