Files for Dr. Lex

Heptapus V1.1

Dr. Lex — Dec 12, 1999

A wheel-like map with seven spokes. A bit of 5D space gives you a pair of upstairs...personally, I prefer the one with the recharger.Hard to tell, but v1.1 seems to have more monsters than 1.0 had. (No mention in the readme what the changes are.)

Root Square V1.0.1

Dr. Lex — Dec 12, 1999

A tight, pillar-filled level, with a small open area in the center and a pair of raised catwalks. Lots of attention to lighting detail, to great effect. Not the lowest-poly-count map out there, though... a bit slow on older machines. (Okay, you need a fast ppc to run it.) Quite nice as a solo practice level, due to the repeating baddies... definitely worth the download. Not clear what's new in this version... possibly tweaked weapons placement?

Jingle Bobs v1.1

Dr. Lex — Dec 12, 1999

If you thought the extra cut on the M2 cd was fun, DOWNLOAD THIS MAP! The Bob Boogie Choir performs Jingle Bells, in all it's gory! (No, that wasn't a typo.) Had me rolling on the floor! (It's only 47K, c'mon, download it!) v1.1 adds a couple of nice touches: the bodies don't disappear after death, and you're killed off when it's over, so you can play it again without quitting.


Dr. Lex — Feb 21, 1999

A couple of levels, and a small shapes patch. The first level is seriously claustrophobic, and you'll be hitting your head on the stairs every time you go down. The fun part comes in with the small shapes patch... it gives bobs the opportunity to kill you with more than their normal weapons. (They don't look like they're using flamethrowers and SPNKRs, but they are...) If you can beat this level solo, you're a damn sight better than I am.

K.U. Leuven C200 Campus Map 1.0

Dr. Lex — Feb 09, 1999

A reproduction of a science campus in Belgium. Amazingly realistic... the enclosed shapes are great. You won't have too much time to look at 'em, though... the bobs are really mad and really mean. (The flamethrower-carrying one especially... but the spnkr bobs are pretty bad too.) This one will improve your skills quickly... and I'd suggest getting outside quickly, because inside you've got almost no room to manouver. Once again, amazing attention to detail, and a rollicking gameplay. Get it!

Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Lex — Feb 08, 1999

Two rooms with different ways of killing bobs. It is pretty amusing to watch them waste themselves... amazing what you can make 'em do. Nice construction, as well.