Files for Drew Ivan

Don't Start With Me!

Drew Ivan — Jun 15, 1996

A small, donut-shaped arena with a series of stairs around the outside, and some notches on the inside. Too small to stop moving for long...

Pfhight Like a Man

Drew Ivan — Jun 15, 1996

A small, tall room with stairs around the outside, a couple of protected rooms with big weapons (and teleporters as the only entrance), and sniper pillars. Vertical distance is big enough that you actually have to aim.

Ret Bested

Drew Ivan — May 23, 1996

A small, very simple, high-carnage map consisting of a bunch of intersecting hallways. 5D space without the 5D-there's no place to hide.

Ghost Town

Drew Ivan — May 23, 1996

Modeled after a western town, complete with jail, saloon, bordello, mines, and Boot Hill! A bit linear, but that comes from trying to set it up around Main Street (as most old west towns were), and there are usually multiple ways out of a room.

"Eye of the Tiger, Bart"

Drew Ivan — May 17, 1996

A big, rambling level. There's some of everything-the author says he was experimenting. Could use some variation in lighting...