Files for Ed Keating


Ed Keating — Feb 08, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Like Water Through My Hands

Ed Keating — Feb 08, 1999

Arena type, spacious with water medium & crosswalks/stairs. Mercy transports if you fall in water. Trouble with ammo registering, but start shooting those dumb Bob's (activate as it were) and things get better. Bob's also become more deadly. Should give you a run for your money. Minor problem with some sounds, can be worked through.

Ocean of Storms

Ed Keating — Feb 08, 1999

Read Me by Ed's brother states this was Ed's last map. Gee, we hope he's not in those great Marathon killing fields in the sky. A small Square sorta, with a water wall/trench. There's a blue suited Pfhor that keeps appearing, aiming his staff at you with deadly accuracy. Pretty wide-open, maybe too much so. Try it for Ed.