Files for Eric Hill

The Black Series (G12)

Eric Hill — Nov 29, 1999

Wow. Eric has overhauled the original 3 level scenario into this 15-level masterpiece. The mapmaking is gorgeous, as usual... the story has been vastly improved, the textures are wonderful. The only complaint I think I'd voice is that sometimes, the pattern (flip a switch, find the newly-opened area, flip another switch) begins to seem repetitive... but it doesn't happen much, and in the meantime, you're spending too much time fighting for your life to worry about it. Ammo, rechargers, and save game terms are placed very well, to keep you stretching, but not so much you get frustrated. This one's a winner! Also has a new home at The Big House... go visit to read more about it!

Rebel Base/Infinity

Eric Hill — Jun 06, 1997

A three level solo map, (really two-the first is informational), that has been ported over to Infinity. Definitely Eric Hill style-short, sharp turns, visually stunning and some pretty vicious bad guys. It took me forever to get going through the beginning of the second level. Ammo is tight and there are enough bad guys to last forever. I had to fist a lot of the second level. What this author does with a normal texture set at times is quite remarkable!! The docking ring (landing) was neat along with a couple of other texture tricks. Worth the download-save often-you will find yourself retracing your steps. As always, with Eric's maps-some really nice graphics!

Warrior's Way

Eric Hill — Feb 11, 1997

From the author of Rebel Base, this is a continuing three level adventure of The Last Interceptor. At first I was too crowded with this thing, but a second time through, I found it a little bit more open and after slowing down a bit, you begin to appreciate the work that went into this. On the second level there is a incredible light hallway that was really designed well. I tried hard to get a shot of it, but I kept getting fried every time I slowed down at that point. If there was one thing I can say about these maps it is that no space goes undone. The author uses every available wall, platform and poly possible. Ammo is there, just not in the usual places. A few smears on the second level, but other than that the flow at times is pretty good. Good use of sounds and lights along with some unusual platform tricks. Some very sharp angles at times but with some deligence you can get around them. Download this one just to see what platform ideas this guy has.


Eric Hill — Nov 06, 1996

Part two of the Interceptor Series. Two levels, both with some seriously beautiful mapmaking techniques... You're charged with protecting the Rebel Base. Keep a sharp eye out for oxygen rechargers and save buffers... you'll need 'em. This one's worth the download for the platform techniques alone.

And check out the Digestible Chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces!

The Last Interceptor 2.0

Eric Hill — Oct 08, 1996

A five-level solo scenario. Very nice terms, and generally great level design. Monster placement has been toned down nicely since the last verison. Lots of goodies in places you really shouldn't be going, so explore... The plot isn't Shakespeare, but it'll get you by, and the levels will keep you entertained for a goodly chunk of time. Update expands the first level, and aligns textures, reduces baddies, and improves spelling throughout.

And check out the Digestible Chunks page, for floppy-sized pieces!