Files for Erkki Toukolehto

Pesky Porkchop

Erkki Toukolehto — Jul 29, 1999

Beautiful but complex netmap in the water texture set, designed for large groups...

main elements:
main building in the middle with upper yard @ north and lower yard @ south.Underground tunnel connects the main building to the landscape view...
other elements
-sniper balcony accessable from the landscape view
-water pool @ south
-teleport chamber with shotguns @ north

Original B.ORG rating:
A sprawling, open map, with sweeping curves, nice lighting effects, and great flow. This is a really nice outdoor map for any groups of 4+ (I'd guess it's even playable with 3, but carnage rates will be lower). If only he'd stop making those JPEG readmes...

author's opinion:
Not my best map, but looks good. Lots of inspiration for other mapmakers ("realistic" 5D overlapping, smooth lighting, no bugs). Flow is poor in the main building, OK everywhere else. Propably fun with 4 skilled players, but due to it's complexity, the map must be explored first to learn the spaces & elevations...

Check it out and rate it, I've put lotsa effort on this one...

The Heap 777

Erkki Toukolehto — Feb 18, 1999

4 net maps, mostly complicated and large. Intricate construction (except for the first one, but read the readme), interesting lighting. You'll probably want to test 'em in a practice runthrough before you actually play... it's easy to get lost. Lots of thought to flow, though, so once you understand 'em, they're wonderful.

Kiasma 2

Erkki Toukolehto — Feb 13, 1999

A large, sprawling level, with several open arena-like areas, lots of stairs, and some funky tighter passageways. Ammo and especially weapons are a little tight... but 3 or 4 should have no trouble at all.

Bob of the Bill

Erkki Toukolehto — Feb 13, 1999

A nice-looking level centered around a big open area with the hill in it. Lots of sniper perches, lots of ways to die. (For example, there's a lava column that it's easy to brush jumping out a window... there goes some health.) Ammo is pretty scarce, but the author said he set the level up to kill you fast, so this isn't a problem.