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The Ares Project

Evan Vetere — Jan 09, 1996

A loving renovation of Mars Needs Women. This one's better than the original, I think... the only criticism I have (and it's really minor) is that the upstairs may not be dark enough any more. Other than that, though... This is gorgeous.

Citadel of Antiquity v1.0

Evan Vetere — Jan 04, 1996

Once again proving that Waldo World was Bungie's most popular M1 net level, here's another version of that beautiful arena. This one's outdoors, and sports M2 niceties such as vistas, whistling winds, and shootable lights. Oh, yeah, and a shotgun...


Evan Vetere — Jan 02, 1996

This is Axiocranium with a twist. Map's the same, but there are lots and lots and lots of bobs, and with the enclosed physics model, some of them don't like you very much... You've got to figure out which ones. Nicely frenetic. Contains the original Axiocranium (v2), also.


Evan Vetere — Sep 15, 1995

A very simple vacuum level, requiring the enclosed flying physics model. Careful about landing!


Evan Vetere — Sep 13, 1995

Knock your opponent(s) into the lava... watch the damn troopers, though.


Evan Vetere — Sep 13, 1995

Geometrical battlefield (designed for teams, but playable without them). Has an invisible wall bug that makes it impossible to get to one of the chargers. (I was unable to fix it.) Author says it's unfinished. (Still plays okay, except for the wall bug...)


Evan Vetere — Sep 13, 1995

Some teleporters bring you to weapons, some put you in the cell... And always, watch the closin' doors!


Evan Vetere — Sep 13, 1995

Showered with Grenades, with sniper ducts above most of the rooms. Very nicely done.