Files for Gabriel Gilder

Death Rotunda ƒ

Gabriel Gilder — Jan 15, 1999

A straight port of an M2 sniper arena.

Fortress Infinity

Gabriel Gilder — Nov 20, 1996

A small arena with a central area and four semicircular additions, with walls to hide behind and windows to shoot through. Small enough, and with enough big weapons, that carnage rates should be absurd, even for two players.

Opium v1.1

Gabriel Gilder — Nov 20, 1996

A small, simple, wide-open level, with great flow and lots of weapons. Keep the total players under 4 or 5, and you should have seriously fast-paced killing going on. (More and you'd just get in each other's way...)

Covered With Corpses

Gabriel Gilder — Oct 29, 1996

An extremely fast-paced map, with a tiny open arena in the center, surrounded by eight entrances on two layers... and a rolling staircase around the whole shebang. Absolutely no place to hide...

Pit of Darkness

Gabriel Gilder — Sep 17, 1996

Sort of a takeoff of Everyone's Mortal... except with a shorter hill, and more easily predicted transporters. In longer games, fighting will narrow down to shotguns and missile launchers (no other weapons will have ammo). Getting around is really easy...