Files for Grag

Cartho delenda est 1.3

Grag — May 23, 1997

A very, very good solo map. 2 levels that has you chasing down a missing officer and a prototype ship that the pfhor has taken. Some incredible detail with this map and some tricks that are worth seeing if for no other reason. The ship in the space landscape that lands is pretty cool. Some pretty strong bad guys and you will have to take your time. Check out the transporters.......(any more and I will spoil the map) Get this!!

No Stinking Type Pfhor Errors

Grag — Aug 14, 1996

A sequel to the DMMC Scenario Preview. This is another impressive effort, with a lot of fun touches (a working sink, video games, judicious use of juggernauts). A bit confusing if not completed in the order intended, and I ran into a bizarre bug with the first uplink chip insertion point, but all in all, an enjoyable scenario.

DMMC Scenario Preview

Grag — Mar 20, 1996

One level of the upcoming scenario release from the DMMC. If the rest of the scenario lives up to the standard set here, this'll be a beautiful piece of work. This is really, really nicely balanced. Flow is great, alien placement is great, there are no horribly misaligned textures... This level, by itself, is a lot of fun to play. As level 7 of an 13-level scenario, it's tantalizing...