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Harry Al-Shakarchi — May 01, 1999

A single level solo scenario. You wake up in a strange room, with a magnum that shoots pfhor bolts instead of bullets... flow is good, the level is hard (though not as hard as Harry's other maps), and generally, completion is possible. (There's at least one suicide trap.) Blasting stuff with pfhor bolts is a rush in itself. Definitely enjoyable...


Harry Al-Shakarchi — May 01, 1999

A three-level (but pretty short) solo scenario. There's a plot, but it's sort of irrelevant... the game is focused pretty tightly on action. It's difficult-the first save term is most of the way through the second level. (At least the first one I found.) Map view helps (some of the areas are labeled, and the labels can save you a bit of headache later). There a few secrets, but mostly, it's just "figure out how to kill 'em all before they kill you" carnage. Definitely worth the runthrough.


Harry Al-Shakarchi — May 01, 1999

A single level solo scenario. In a lot of ways, it reminded me of a map for M2 called Descent (except that it's far less buggy than Descent was). The title seems to come from what's gonna happen to you a lot of times, playing this map. It's really, really hard. (Playable, but hard.) Minimal save terms means you're gonna keep doing it till you do it right. Construction is pretty good, and flow is straightforward... there's one suicide spot that I found (a really annoying one, too), but mostly, you just gotta keep going till everything is dead. (The final battle is a real adrenaline rush.)