Files for Ian Korf


Ian Korf — Jul 06, 1996

A large, (technically) symmetrical level, with open, well-lit spaces, dark rooms, and some tight maze areas. Good for bigger groups.

Dyad Destruction

Ian Korf — Jun 30, 1996

A symmetrical map using water cannons for rapid movement. Clean, and easy to get the hang of... very fast-paced carnage.

Cherry 2000

Ian Korf — Jun 30, 1996

There are eight rechargers in this map, but you probably won't be very successful at using them. Our experience was, the lowest scores were achieved by those trying to recharge. Some of the better weapons require fancy footwork.


Ian Korf — Jun 30, 1996

A shallow, waterfilled central arena and some interconnected passageways around the outside should keep you looking over your shoulder for that next grenade...