Files for Jack Coyle


Jack Coyle — Jan 15, 1999

A huge, sprawling level, much larger than its poly count would lead you to believe. Gameplay is pretty good (that is, it'll keep you on your toes)... the only problem is that the level's not finishable. You're required to insert 14 chips... but either that's too many for the Marathon engine, or the author did something wrong, because the chip insertion slots don't acknowledge a chip insertion... and several of them will take an infinite number of chips (which is bad because you onlly have the 14 you need). If you want an adrenaline rush, though, it's a pretty good map for it.


Jack Coyle — Mar 20, 1996

Three maps. These weren't submitted-I snagged them off their web page. They're simple-they were designed to play well on a passive-matrix powerbook-but they're fun. And they're quite small. The readme is simply the text of the web page.