Files for Jeff Isselee

Control Room

Jeff Isselee — Oct 23, 1996

A KOH level designed for two players. (I suppose there could be more, but it seems best suited for two.) The hill is, as the title implies, a control room, and provides switches for five elevators that make up the main floor of the arena below it. The person in the booth tries to crush his opponent, who tries to stay alive long enough to plant a missile where it counts. A back hallway provides more than enough ammo.

Mission: Improbable

Jeff Isselee — Aug 20, 1996

A sequel to Operation: Exaggeration. 12 levels (or so... a couple don't really count, in terms of gameplay). This one's a winner. It's not the most visually stunning, or the hardest... but the AIs are very funny, the physics are brilliant, and the tributes are really, really well done. Don't miss this map-it'll give you ideas for your own maps. (And the sense of humor shown in the storyline is really refreshing, after all the 'save the universe'-type plots.)

Operation: Exaggeration

Jeff Isselee — Jul 15, 1996

A tongue-in-cheek 11-level solo effort. Inspired greatly by Douglas Adams, this map is very funny for the first several levels, at which point it suddenly turns downright mean. I stopped laughing at about level 7... and it didn't get nice again until the very end. However, it's very playable (if a bit difficult). Comes with a really fun physics model (that wouldn't make sense in most maps, but works wonderfully here). The only real gripe is the lack of alignment for all comm terms/pattern buffers. Other than that, this scenario is a blast..