Files for Jeffrey Krauss

Bump in the Night

Jeffrey Krauss — May 17, 1996

Two maps, one designed for 3-person games (although it'll fit up to 6) and one for 4-person games (but with eight starting points). Premise is simple-there are small platforms at the vertices of the polygon that is the map (a triangle for the 3-player version, a square for the 4-player), with the hallway before it (in the clockwise direction) teleporting to it. Hit the teleporter, you bump the platform sitter off... but watch your back.

Pfhor Squared = 16

Jeffrey Krauss — Apr 28, 1996

3 variations on a theme. Amazingly simple maps-one room, square, with a hill in the center and teleporters in the corners-but they play pretty well. One's dark, one's landscaped, and one plays with current.