Files for Jesse Lowther


Jesse Lowther — Feb 03, 1999

Four square maps self contained in one for pure arena play with overlapping passages parallel from one to the other. Central areas of arenas comprise different mediums, i.e., water, bouncing floor (so cool!), KOTH/rising pyramid, but no control over rising aspect. Compilers & Phfor here for solo play. Seems to have everything for net play in small areas, but for one thing, no rechargers, dead is dead. Good for two, more might be a crowd. Fast & Furious.

Dome Sweet Dome

Jesse Lowther — Feb 03, 1999

Read Me is important here. Large Arena with off shoots for ammo, weapons; supports KOTH, quantity of players as it is a large area. Offshoots, using quick as lightning elevators, lead to rooms w/transporters. Transporters lead to back hallways full of goodies (Blam!). Very clever design. Anybody camping out in a room is fair game, camping out indeed, during net play! Interesting layout, interesting ideas.

Daronn's Sunfire

Jesse Lowther — Dec 25, 1996

Some real ingenius types of lighting has gone into this one. Big, arena surrounded by a ring of ammo located in very small hallways. Keep on them, you will eventually end up on a great sniper ledge. At times it didn't seem big, until you play it net, this puppy is big and it will support up to 8..I was just so impressed with the construction idea that as I was looking up at the center of the map I was getting wasted. A cool trick with the lava- the film doesn't show it but it's there. Will support all kinds of net play..great download and well worth you time. The readme says that this is part of a upcoming scenario.....shades of things to come, it should be great...

Celestial Planes

Jesse Lowther — Nov 16, 1996

Very clean. An outdoor level (well, in space, I guess), on multiple levels. Extremely open... almost any spot is in the line of fire of any other, but that doesn't mean you can aim that well, or that your target will obligingly stand still. A few nice secrets.

SeweRAT's Wild Ride-Infinity

Jesse Lowther — Nov 09, 1996

An M2 level, updated with SMGs and a hidden term. For those who haven't seen it, movement is controlled by sewage-you can change direction, but forward motion is out of your hands. Takes some getting used to, but it plays pretty well.

Over Hill and Dale

Jesse Lowther — Nov 09, 1996

A very large, up-and-down level (the name is apt), with a small central killing space. Teleporters will dump you into nice little sniper nooks... one secret, explained by the single term.

SeweRAT's Wild Ride

Jesse Lowther — Oct 23, 1996

Current is the major player in this map. You have the ability to control your turns, but forward motion is out of your hands... turn-and-fire spanker shots can make this level deadly for stalkers.

The Dark Side

Jesse Lowther — Oct 23, 1996

Sort of a reverse Rising Sun. Pitch black room, with a crusher (pressure-activated, so watch where you walk!) in the center... a switch lowers some light panels and weapons shelves (both good for silhouetting your opponents). The hunter is pretty annoying...

Arena of the Stars

Jesse Lowther — Oct 23, 1996

A large arena, with a split wall dividing the space in half and rooms reminiscent of Bungie's two M1 arena levels at both ends. Watch your back in these rooms... the walls aren't always what they seem. Teleporters take you to tozters, and then to sniping positions in the main arena. Very nice flow.

The Marche Pit

Jesse Lowther — Oct 23, 1996

Everyone starts in small rooms above a round, well-lit pit. No weapons (not even a pistol), but you do start with full 1x health... the object is to see who's the best with their fists.