Files for Joe Allen

The Big P

Joe Allen — Feb 10, 1999

A very short solo 'scenario'. To be quite honest, I really couldn't figure out the story line from either the terminals or the readme, but the idea seems be to run around and kill everything. It would be possible to run through the entire level in under 2 minutes if it wasn't for the modified physics that makes some hummers invisible and massively increases their vitality. 10 AR magazines at close range took care of them.

Let's Get Real

Joe Allen — Feb 10, 1999

Another short, no-brainer solo level. Run around and kill everything installing uplink chips along the way. If there's a plot in those terminals, it was totally lost on me. Whatever.

Two Net Maps

Joe Allen — Apr 26, 1997

Two net levels. Island of YoYo, a small arena that has a elevated hill in the middle. Exposed elevators gives you access to the hill and two outside rooms. All the platforms move at the same time and are too slow. So, you will be prime carnage practice if you're not careful. No Time for Loosers-one that has some good areas but like the first one, transporters really disrupts the flow. Flow is interrupted on both levels with transports to areas outside the main maps. All in all a good effort with some good ideas.