Files for Joel Blecher


Joel Blecher — Jun 15, 1996

Actual level title is much, much longer. (Check the readme.) Very dark, with crushers everywhere... and no way out of the pit.

Over The Hill

Joel Blecher — Jun 15, 1996

A small diamond-and cross configuration, with a pit in the center. Stay out of the pit. Textures will make your eyes hurt after a while.

Some of my Favorite Things...

Joel Blecher — Jun 15, 1996

A two player map. Each player is in an enclosed space, facing the other across a no-mans land. Death rates will be low, unless your opponent doesn't know how to take cover.


Joel Blecher — Jun 06, 1996

A three level scenario, but you could count it as one... the first two levels seem kind of pointless. And since you can pick up an invincibility just before leaving level 2, and not have it wear off until you finish level 3, you might consider level 3 pointless as well...

Electric Bill v1.0

Joel Blecher — Apr 02, 1996

A long, dark rectangle with a lava pit in the middle.