Files for John Bingham

Let's Rock Infinity

John Bingham — Nov 06, 1996

A remake of decent M2 level. Flow is pretty good, lighting is controllable from above the main arena, and yes, there is a reason for going into the Hunters' cage...

Let's Rock!

John Bingham — Aug 01, 1996

An interesting level with several distinct areas. Big enough to support 6 (that's all the player points there are), but since the ammo is concentrated near the central arena, people should be sticking around there, making it playable with 2-3. As with the M1 level that inspired parts of this (Triskelion), a strategically placed fusion bolt can help increase the death toll on your enemies, while leaving you out of the carnage...

Satan's Muffins M2

John Bingham — Jul 18, 1996

A nice port of an interesting M1 level. As with the original, it's a great arena, if you stay away from the edges... but if you do, you'll miss the goodies.

Hadley's Hope

John Bingham — Jul 15, 1996

A small, bug-hunt-like level. There's an outer ring into which everyone must enter from their starting points. Inside that, there are a few small rooms with lots of cover... even though it's not large, you can stay alive a long time if you play it right. (Not much open space.) Inspired by the colony of the same name in Aliens.