Files for John Coffey

Temple of Zeus

John Coffey — Sep 19, 1997

A kill everything/practice level for the author of Amazoms and Robertas. This map works great with Amazons Deluxe or with the Bungie shapes. Some very tall, elevated platofrms inside of buildings. The buildings make up the different areas of the map and exploration is well worth your time..Not bad for a first endeavor...

Amazons Deluxe

John Coffey — Aug 01, 1997

John Coffey has once again updated his Amazons and Robertas. This patch now adds new Troopers and the MerDrones.....which have taken the place of, Drones! These patches IMO are really done well and now they sport a great shapes shuttle patch that is very stable. You will need the Amazons Deluxe Sounds patch (680K). It just isn't the same without them.

You will also want to get the Knossos/Stoneridge Maul Maps (369K). Stoneridge Maul-a map made in the tradition of a mall, watch out for the other shoppers. The Labyrinth of Knossos-made in honor of the Minoan "Palace" of Knossos, is a maze like level that really reminded me of the Labyrinth level in Pathways of Darkness. Two levels that are very well done and quite huge. Loren Petrich has made these levels and the new textures are quite good. John has adapted them for his patch and they do work very well together.

Although some might not like this type of alien, it is still done in good taste and definitely worth a look.

Roberta Patch

John Coffey — Dec 12, 1996

From the maker of the Amazons patch comes a new shapes file that turns your bobs into Robertas. They behave kind of strange at times-i.e. depending on your carnage setting and enviorment, but I do believe they look a little bit better than the Amazons. These new "BoBs" don't wear much so if you like your bobs dressed real scandaly, then this file is for you. A sounds file really adds to the patch, you can download it here.


John Coffey — Nov 20, 1996

Amazon women (pretty scantily clad) replace your fighters, and they come with wall textures (for building temples) and sounds. Pretty well done... although some of the sounds don't seem horribly appropriate for dying...