Files for Justin Flame Walker Pease

Evil-Brancore Fortress

Justin Flame Walker Pease — Feb 03, 1999

This map cracked up this reviewer so bad we doubt if we can be coherent in our description. It does contain aliens, who remain fairly well hidden. But those Moo rockets they fire with deadly aim, well, the last thing you see before you eat it is a Happy Face as in 'Incoming!'. So then, solo is definitely okay. Carnage area, up to 8 players, sez the author. Too funny, leave the aliens ON!

Death Echo

Justin Flame Walker Pease — Feb 03, 1999

Very large, complex map. Read Me has Spoiler/type info with total map layout. KOTH area, basement, ledges, sewage paths, stairs. Armory, Tower, elevators, etc. Supports Total Carnage, 6-8 players. No rechargers, a few Bob's. Moves fast but really spread out. Looks good, however, with nice attention to detail.

Pit Dome Death

Justin Flame Walker Pease — Feb 03, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.