Files for Ken Alper


Ken Alper — Jan 16, 1997

Two levels, both of them are water/media filled. The first one shows some good construction ideas and choice of textures. I really don't care for media in net levels, but if you do this one would help you with some strategy type ideas. The water height can really be a pain if your not careful. The second one was smaller. Again a square arena with a couple of sniper ports in the walls.....but on this one you control the height of the water by switches.

Infinity Triangle

Ken Alper — Jan 16, 1997

Well, exactly like it sounds. A tiny triangle with about 8 starting positions. One that would provide some practice in dodging, sidestepping and dying.

More Testicles Means More Iron

Ken Alper — Jan 16, 1997

Gotta love some of these map names that have come in lately!!! A square/rectangle type arena room with some corridors that wrap around it. A very, very fast net map. This one would be good for most types of net play...

Triangle of Doom

Ken Alper — Sep 09, 1996

Wow. I thought the suicide levels were small and deadly. This is a collection of three maps, mostly one room each. (There's a bonus space in the last one.) The title map is tiny (about 7000 units across), with 7 starting positions! The other two aren't much bigger... Ammo is plentiful, but these would be unplayable with more than three players (and even then, it's Stand Up and Shoot Someone). Play these if you really, really need to kill a lot.