Files for Ken Hodgman

Female Cyborgs

Ken Hodgman — Jan 23, 1997

There seems to be a run on female shape patches lately and now this one takes the cake. No harm intended here, this is really a fine job and the author has spent some time with even the colors. This is a patch that turns your Infinity cyborgs into Female Cyborgs. The "landmine" it now shoots at you, or bounces your way is colored and it has a bit of a twist to it. As you can tell in the screen shot, the whole cyborg has been patched. Worth the download just to see what a incredible job this is....also you must have Anvil 1.02 update for the patch to work.

HMS Albatross

Ken Hodgman — Dec 12, 1996

Billed as a tutorial map(for the author). he's off to a good start here. Six levels, designed to be difficult on the normal setting-and they ARE! Each level is simply over populated. There are plenty of rechargers, heaps of ammo (in places), and generally nice level construction. A lack of lighting effects, use of sounds, a few bouncing poly's and overall feasability-allow for room for improvement. Those of you into "Vidmaster" style levels should really enjoy at least the last level, and some of those on the way there. Well worth the download, but there is alot to learn here. The author states that this was his Forge mapmaking tutorial and each level trys out new ideas.

Infinity Nightmares Patch

Ken Hodgman — Nov 20, 1996

Replaces Fighters, Troopers, Compilers and Hunters with characters from the creator's childhood nightmares. This is now an Anvil patch, and requires v1.0.2 or higher. The new shapes were created with Infini-D, and are very high quality. (The hunter replacement, especially... I'm glad I didn't have these nightmares!)