Files for Kendall Redburn


Kendall Redburn — Feb 26, 1997

A very good solo map!!! Three levels that is crammed with just about all of the coolest tricks available with the Marathon engine at this time. You are on a pfhor ship trying to kill the bad guys while they are pretty intent on defending it. You have a choice of multiple endings and a great trick on the third level. (I don't want to give it away) The detail in this one is quite unique. Switches, chip insertion slots, not appear as they normally do. You will have to listen to the sounds that you get when you walk over a trigger poly, that are very well designed by the way, or when you see a texture that is placed on a wall that might just look a little out of place. Detail.............Enough said, this is starting to be the norm and some of the ideas, like the ones in this map will really challenge you of what the detail is there for. Construction is great and the colors(choice of textures), even in low res. are very well laid out. If there was anything negative about this one it would be that you will have enough ammo, but, there are baddies that will require all that you keep picking up. Force fields, train dodging, lava swims, this one has in all packed into three levels. Some very, very good ideas here and worth your time.


Kendall Redburn — Oct 11, 1996

5 levels, mostly ports from his M1 maps. Like most KR levels, movement is facilitated more by stairs, jumps, and teleporters than by platforms. Some nice touches (Piqued over has several nice hiding places, but don't try attacking from them...).

Castle Anteries

Kendall Redburn — Nov 10, 1995

A large, complicated castle with lots of neat tricks. Very pretty.

Kendall Redburn Other Levels

Kendall Redburn — Nov 10, 1995

7 levels. So named because he uploaded 10 this time, and three stood alone. These are the rest. On the whole, very well made (as were his last ones). Sort of concept levels-each is designed to be played in a certian way. (For example-Rocket is a low grav level with lots of tozters... built for vertical ambush.) Worth the look for smaller groups.


Kendall Redburn — Nov 10, 1995

A very nicely done subway station. Some nice stuff to be found on the tracks, but be careful! Plays much better on Powermacs, due to the large open areas.

Castle Tao

Kendall Redburn — Nov 10, 1995

By the maker of Castle Anteries. Smaller and less complicated, but probably more fun in net play (less distraction).

Kendall Redburn Levels

Kendall Redburn — Sep 15, 1995

19 levels. Most are very well done. There are a lot of fun tricks shown here... Check out the train in Subway!