Files for Lars Jorgensen

Wild Thing's 5 Little Piggies

Lars Jorgensen — Mar 04, 1999

A 5-level Nethop, although I'm not sure what happens when 4 of the maps use standard evil physics, and the first one uses a custom model... In any case, these are really well-constructed levels. Fine attention to lighting and sound, and lots of thought to flow. My only real criticism might be the superficial similarities of the various levels (with the exception of Castle Evil)-it might be hard, at first, to figure out exactly which map you're in. The first level was entered into the Evil map competition, all the rest are new levels. A very nice pack.

P I T - 4 N 1

Lars Jorgensen — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

Evil-Wild Things 26 Hops

Lars Jorgensen — Jan 20, 1999

No Bugs Mi'lady. These are a terrific & very handsome collection of maps designed mostly for EMFH play but have areas for KOTH, terrific sniper slots, lots of lava, especially in 1.) Longhorn Shoot Out, where, as you run about, the lava comes & goes, keep movin'! Lava continues to make an appearance in 2.) Domas Magma (duh!) and 3.) Don't Swim! The hall lighting effects are quite spectacular in these two, Lars has a handle. 4.) RIP is a very small arena type, best for Carnage we believe. 5.) Steel Pulse is very large & well designed to keep one on their toes 6.) Stairway to Health is a very complex Square. 7.) Valley of Death is also a squareish layout with perimeter paths, plenty of sniper slots overlooking a KOTH area, seems larger than megs would imply. 8.) May-A-One supports KOTH with fabuloso sniper slots, bridges and outer paths, 3x somewhat concealed. Lots of room for multiple players. Maps here are all similar but with different attributes. All have inter-map transporter and Circle type maps seem to reign. 14.) Think About It has a particular mean KOTH area in that you can activate a switch & raise or sink Hill into/above lava pit. Cool! Going on to 15/16/17/18 you get House of Sewage; N'oth Rone, A Reena & W.Y.P.I.W.W.Y.G respectively, all very respectable designs. This is a nifty package with, as stated, no bugs, plenty of room if you wish or tight if you like. Worth a download for the fine variety and smart design. 26 Maps in all, something for everyone.

Evil-Wild Things 13 Hops

Lars Jorgensen — Jan 20, 1999

As the title states, 13 levels that are visually pretty nice. I found some of these to be very fast. Object placement was very logical and some of the light sets were great. Fast maps, good flow and no deadends makes this pak a keeper! Don't just fly through these, there are some secrets to be found.