Files for Laurent Stanevich


Laurent Stanevich — May 02, 1996

This map is a joy, both to look at and to play. Small enough that 2 don't get bored, but big enough to fit 8 without overcrowding. Very, very nice use of 5D space... hard to even notice it. (But it really makes the map work.)


Laurent Stanevich — Apr 23, 1996

A very cool little arena which is more than it looks, due to some funky 5D stuff. Great flow, and it'll keep your group busy, even if you're small (we had fun with just two).

M2 Fodder Wall

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 22, 1996

A nice conversion of a Mike Neylon M1 map. Lighter than the original, I think... has an added water pit below the stairs, but I've found it's pretty hard to hit, at least from the top.

It's Not Easy Being...Red?!

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 17, 1996

A port of Mike Neylon's It's Not Easy Being Green. M2 is a bit short on green textures, so this one's mostly red... a pretty nice job.

The Once and Pfhuture King v1.0

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 07, 1996

This is easily the best KOH level I've ever seen. Wow, I don't think I've ever said anything like that before... Check it out. This map is good.

Cross Guard 2.0 v2.0

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 04, 1996

Another port of a Kendall Redburn M1 map. This one's square, with all flow in one direction (clockwise). Makes for dicey spanker shooting (you're often in narrow walkway spaces).

Palace v2.0

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 04, 1996

A small, circular arena, a remake of a Kendall Redburn M1 map. It was a nice map to start with, and this version keeps the gameplay of the first one while upgrading the look.

Pfhar Lap

Laurent Stanevich — Apr 02, 1996

A simple arena, with a couple of ledges around the outside. There are elevators to get you up, but they've got a hell of a delay... and you're pretty brightly lit. There's some nice goodies underneath, but to get them, you've got to run a sort of gauntlet. Works best with at least 3...

Circular Death Tribute

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 27, 1996

An interesting remake of a great M1 level. This map won't play well on slower machines, but the original didn't either... great care has been taken to keep flow similar to the original, while making an interesting M2 map. Check it out!


Laurent Stanevich — Mar 20, 1996

An open arena with waterfilled launch tubes. Now comes in two versions-one containing fisheyes and one without. (Who says feedback gets ignored?). It's a bit slow on non-powermacs, but it's still a blast of a level. The more, the merrier!

Killing Fields v2.2

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 18, 1996

I'm not sure this belongs on this page, since it's a modification of an M1 map that was a modification of a Bungie map... this bears just about zero resemblance to the original (a piece of Try Again). However, it's here, so deal with it. This is a gorgeous rendition of one of our all-time favorite M1 netmaps. (I didn't make it, I just like it.) It was originally released in an early Suicide collection, and this version has had a few changes made to the layout based on the author's net experiences with it. Update fixes a small bug that only bit people who played with dropped weapons on.

Space Tower

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 18, 1996

A really tall tower, a ring around the bottom, and all the good stuff between the two. Lots of fun if you like flying, frustrating as hell if you don't.

5D Arena

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 06, 1996

A very subtle use of 5D (it's pretty easy to miss that you're actually in it). A small central pit with tiered hallways around it... the good stuff's pretty exposed, so be careful.

Billy v2.0

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 01, 1996

A loving remake of one of the best M1 maps of all time. This is really nicely done, and maintains the feel of the original, while nicely updating it to take advantage of the M2 engine.

Another Arena 2.1 v2.1

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 01, 1996

A port of an M1 arena (by someone other than the original author). Still has great flow. All aliens have been removed. Update tweaks lighting (for the better), makes the hidden flamethrower available again.

HunterPrey v2.1

Laurent Stanevich — Mar 01, 1996

A port of an M1 map (by someone other than the original author). Two levels, bottom level has pistols, top level has spankers. This version modified to give pistol folks a few free shots. Update adjusts placement of ammo to keep from blocking the view, and a couple of other tweaks.

Water Sports

Laurent Stanevich — Jan 11, 1996

All weapons and ammo are suspended in midair, and the only way up is inside the 5 water columns of this small arena. Tricky... but a lot of fun once you get used to it.