Files for Lee Heida

This Ain't Your Mama's Net Map

Lee Heida — May 06, 1999

A fast-paced, moat-around-a-hill map with access via four elevators and a few teleporters. Construction's quite nice, flow is great. A four-player film is included. Great for KOTH...


Lee Heida — Feb 23, 1999

Big, dark (mostly), multilevel, very nicely constructed. Great flow.


Lee Heida — Feb 03, 1999

Six maps here with pretty much the same attributes, i.e., arena play, carnage pit, KOTH, 2x. 1.) Snipe Hunt; round arena-type with sewage comprising half of area & containing teleporters. 2x recharger, sniper slots overlooking main area wide stairway. 2.) Church of the Mortician; very dark, dual square (overlapping) layout, KOTH, total carnage area, 2x, very clean. 3.) Lemmings Army; square arena play, straight KOTH with circular stairs wrapped around Hill, or transport to top. 1x canister available. 4.) Jjaro Crescent; arena play, total carnage center, perimeter paths to ledges, ammo, 2x. 5.) Push; square with KOTH in direct center surrounded by lava pit. Transport to Hill. Only way off of hill for more ammo, jump in! TP's under lava with a 1x or 2x canister sitting atop it. Kinda takes it out of you, so be quick! Pretty good. 6.) Gamma Light Redirected; carnage pit, 2x's, sniper posts that are pretty cool, hidey holes. Most complex map layout in package, assorted large areas give you choice of play.


Lee Heida — Jan 25, 1999

A mixed bag. 14 maps, generally with nice attention to detail, but sometimes with some weird angles and texture choices. You'll certainly find a number of very playable maps in this collection...

Hammers of the Mighty Thor

Lee Heida — Jan 20, 1999

Sorry, no description given.

"To the moon, Alice!"

Lee Heida — Jan 19, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.