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Big, Slow Moving Elevators

Linton von Beroldingen — May 12, 1997

Previously posted on the HyperArchive, but was lost due to the crash in April. This level is best described just by the title. There is no ball and there is no hill. Best for EMfH, or for practice against the aliens. You will need to practice your up/down aiming. (due to the elevators) Less that 5/6 players, might be slow.


Linton von Beroldingen — May 12, 1997

A interesting large net level that at times is very tight. From the authors readme: "In this net level the hill is the lowest, middle polygon in the "bunker" ,which can be seen from outside from either of the two small arenas, and reached by the two, light textured hallways. This is also where the ball is located."