Files for Logan Patrick

Act of Violence

Logan Patrick — Mar 26, 1999

A small square arena with a pit surrounded by a ledge, four pillars, and four rooms. Vacubobs and devlins will duke it out in the pit... you can watch, or you can jump in for the nuke guns. (There's only one elevator out of the pit, but the devlins are stupid enough that if you can beat them to the elevator, you're safe from them.)

Bungie Maps Turned EVIL

Logan Patrick — Mar 26, 1999

Three Infinity net levels (Duality, Morpfhine, and 'Fugee Camp) retextured (and weaponed) for Evil. Nicely done... Morpfhine with nuke guns is a blast!

Nuthouse of Idiosyncrasy

Logan Patrick — Mar 26, 1999

A small level with a pit reached by two long mirrorimage corridors. You got enforcers, you got vacuexplodabobs, you got a jug... you gotta kill 'em all, and still find your co-players. Would be horribly crowded with more than two or three.