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Loren Petrich — Jan 02, 2001

Otherwise known as Marathon 1-2-3 Converter, this tool will convert M1 data files (maps, shapes, sounds, you name it) to Aleph One format. It's more than just a simple translator - when you tranlsate a map, you also get the MML files needed to make it work as the original. Source is included.

Pfh'Joueur Settings

Loren Petrich — Dec 03, 2000

ResEdit file containing instructions that will allow play of Pfh'Joueur under Aleph One. This didn't work for me until I upgraded to OpenGL 1.2.1... your mileage may vary.

Evil/TI Addons for Aleph One

Loren Petrich — Sep 05, 2000

ResEdit files containing resources to turn Aleph One into a functional engine for Evil and Tempus Irae. Simply open a fresh copy of Aleph One, paste in the resources for the game you want to play, and drop the resultant file into your Evil or TI folder. Boom. Suddenly, playing these scenarios with all the benefits of Aleph One just became as easy as double-clicking! You gain some cool transparency effects, a much-improved nuke gun readout for Evil, and other cool stuff. Definitely worth the (tiny) download.

Marathon Map Viewer v1.4.1

Loren Petrich — Mar 10, 2000

This is one of the coolest tools to come along in a long time. It does just what the name would suggest... it allows you to view maps. It works a lot like Forge's visual mode... except it has a few extra features. Up and down motion is supported (shades of Pfhorte's viewer), and maps can be viewed fully-textured down to wireframe, with almost anything in between. It requires OpenGL, a 3D-rendering interface which is becoming quite common. OpenGL on a 3dfx card requires full-screen mode, which the Viewer doesn't support, but if you have an ATI Rage Pro or Rage 128 (or, according to Apple, the Rage II), get Apple's version. The viewer handles the full range of Marathons... M1, M2, and Infinity. (A first for M1 maps!) It's really slow on my Powerbook G3 (Rage Pro, but only 2 megs, I think..), but being able to fly through Pfhor Your Eyes Only... wow. Prefs are hardcoded (you can change them with Resedit, but...), but speed is variable, you can turn off the (pretty cool) "walk through walls", and it now does portal rendering, significantly speeding things up, in my experience. Additionally, stretched textures (a la Missed Island) now display correctly.) A must-have! v1.3 adds a text status display, the ability to set starting postion, and improved portal clipping. v1.4 adds the use of z-buffering, a framerate display, and some sorting options... big steps, in actuality. 1.4.1 fixes a small bug in the GL rendering code... pretty minor, but Loren says a bug's a bug.

Two Shapes Utilities v1.0.1

Loren Petrich — Dec 12, 1999

Two programs: 12oo Shapes Mover, which moves shapes chunks from M1 shapes files to M2/inf shapes files... and 1-10 Twiddler, which can help with the 1-animated/1-non-animated switching problem. (If you don't know what that is, you probably don't need this.) Very useful tools for scenario builders! v1.0.1 fixes a small bug that kept the Twiddler from recognizing M2 files.

Map Exporter v3.5

Loren Petrich — May 30, 1999

Exports Marathon2/Infinity maps in a variety of 3D formats. Useful for porting to other games, or for making cool term art for your solo scenario. Comes with source code, so you can do with it as you see fit. You can see a couple of samples of the output, imported into Bryce: AyeMakMetal.jpg (118K) and WaterlooMarblepark.jpg (200K). Updated with new info-if you already have this file, you can download just the new documentation (227K). This update adds support for the M1 format (including correct handling of texture numbering).

Map Analyzer v1.5

Loren Petrich — May 02, 1999

Produces an amazing array of info about a map (or a folder full of maps), including all basic stats (polys, floor space, weapons availability, textureset, etc), and some aggregate stats on multiple level maps. It was inspired by MapInfo, but generates much more information. This update is a complete overhaul. There are statistics on new things (including textures, lights, liquids, and sounds), and special value statistics, and the source is completely Loren's (all of Kirill Levchenko's code has been replaced). Source is included.

L'howon Landscapes v1.1

Loren Petrich — Apr 20, 1999

Replacements for the existing Alien landscapes (night and day) in both Infinity and M2. More realistic... and this version contains Hamish Sanderson's modifications to make the 8-bit versions look almost as good as the 16-bit versions. Use 'em... or check out Marathon: Fell to see them in use.

Map Exporter Documentation

Loren Petrich — Feb 13, 1999

Documentation for the Marathon Map Exporter. Contains info on exporting to various 3D games (including a few upcoming ones), and some discussion of the evolution of 3D games. Worthwhile reading for anyone looking beyond the Marathon universe for first-person-shooter games.

Petrich Map Pak

Loren Petrich — Feb 08, 1999

Sorry, no description given at this time.

Tina Shapes

Loren Petrich — Jan 27, 1999

Female replacements for the infinity Bobs. Quite efficient looking... what you'd expect, actually, from a colonist (as compared to, say, a half-naked amazon). Comes with a very large sounds patch that has the nice advantage of being selectively applicable to Bobs, VacuBobs, or both (you can patch one, and not the other, and have a mixed crew).

Tina Sounds

Loren Petrich — Apr 21, 1998

These patchers replace bob sounds with Tina sounds. One patcher does bob sounds for M2 and Minf, and another patcher does bob sounds for Minf vacuum bobs.

Arbitrary Map Points

Loren Petrich — Sep 13, 1997

With this download you get two programs. Add Arbitrary Map Points and Create Spiral Staircase. The AMP utility will add arbitrary points to a unmerged Marathon 2 map, and, Infinity map. It is highly recommended that you read the readme before using the utility. Doing so, should help tremendously. A pretty neat little utility!

Nomad S'pht

Loren Petrich — Mar 03, 1997

This is a ingeniously designed patch that replaces the S'pht with these drones that are called Nomads. They are taken from the Star Trek episoded bearing the same name...

Updated now -with Shapes Juggler Patch-This should help with your shapes files.