Files for Luke Heise

Reformation Preview

Luke Heise — Feb 12, 1999

This is Gansterz all over again, Homie. Well, at least the Intro Screen. And the dudes. Four levels, comes with Shapes patch & Sounds (Anvil). You awake to find that the Government is killing off all the homeless, poor, and displaced people so that America will be a happy place full of only the rich. Not cool at all. Four levels starting in NYC. You might like this Map if you liked Gansterz, although the two are not related. Mr. Heise has done some spectacular stuff, we don't think this qualifies as such but still very playable

City Carnage

Luke Heise — Jul 30, 1997

Another twist of a map from Luke Heise! This package comes with a shapes patch that worked very well. (I got it to work with two different versions of Anvil-1.0.2 and 1.0.3b4) 2 Levels. The first a city with a road that could be used in many idea. The second--a remake of Duality from the Infinity Game. Give this a look, this seems to be the ocming thing. Not just net maps but maps with texture changes and sprites. Liquid force fields along with some neat highway signs makes this one unique!

Bounce Town

Luke Heise — Jun 19, 1997

A small arena style map with some platforms that will give you the experience of "mini-tramps" as you run across them. Author states in the read me that it is large and needs to be played with a large group. I couldn't find enough ammo for more than two or three. You can be the judge. Visually, a beautiful map!

Shuttle 477

Luke Heise — Jun 13, 1997

A very unique and different type of solo map. From the maker of the Bob heads shapes patch comes a, at times, very funny solo adventure. Five levels, each with a different theme as you go throughout your mission to stay clear and find Luke. Many times he intercepts you and does some funny things, like make you .2 world units tall, etc., etc. There are some things that I personally didn't care for, like the mini player, but, this is a excellent example of what is possible with the Infinity editors that are available. The man taking and singing in the shower was probably the best and funniest thing I have seen with Marathon in a very long time. He even drops his soap and stops his singing and says, "uh-oh". LOL!!!!!!! This is great!! You can even walk up to a mirror and see the reflection of the guy in the shower. The work that went into this has paid off. A worthwhile download and the best thing about all of this is, it is patched with Anvil 1.0.3!! And it Works!! There were toilets, water rides and some very good public voice notices. "A civilian is loose, kill him!" "Welcome, etc..."A great map, full of fun and baddies and a lot of cool tricks along the way. Some misaligned textures and some other minor problems, but well worth the download.

R2700 MA Blaster

Luke Heise — Apr 04, 1997

A pretty good shapes patch for the assault rifle. It looks to be the authors own rendition and seeing the other work he has done, this one falls right in line. Really, the only difference here between the patch and the assault rifle is the graphics.

Big Headed Bobs

Luke Heise — Apr 04, 1997

A shapes patch that will turn your bobs into the author. Or, at least that who I think it is supposed to be. For the most part the sequences are pretty clean. But, for some reason the death sprites revert back to the regular bobs. This only happens when the bobs are in the process of being torn apart by a marine. When the bob is dead laying on the ground there are a few sprites that revert back again to the big head. Big Head-it looks a little out of proportion with the oversized head on the bob running around, but the title itself tells you what to expect here.

Other than a few of the death sequences, a pretty clean patch. Comes with a sound patch that fits the big head, if you know what I mean. Not a bad job and the first in what a lot of us expected would maybe be the norm with Anvil. (Marathoners placing their own face on jugs and bobs)

City Center Massacre

Luke Heise — Mar 22, 1997

A neat large infinity net level. You will need Anvil 1.0.2. The shapes and sounds patch makes it worth your time. You are placed in the middle of a happening hang out area where you have access to facilities like the movie theater and a hair salon. The Forrest Gump movie poster is really pretty funny.