Files for Lyndon F. Lorenz

Marathon NJ

Lyndon F. Lorenz — Feb 03, 1999

Another solo level in the continuing Marathon Earth series. A nifty shapes patch along with the innovative style that this author has now come to be known for makes this one a definite download. The shapes are getting cleaner and if you have played the other levels this author has made then you know what to expect. This one starts in Giants stadium and the flow from there is classic! You won't be disappointed.

Alien Vacation

Lyndon F. Lorenz — Feb 03, 1999

What's not to like about a vacation? Sr. Lorenz is keeping us busy with his Earth Series, always clever, always with fun as the main ingredient. Hit those switches, in order of course, and watch the smashing world of Lyndon's mind open up. Another for your collection. We love this guy!

Light Rail Test

Lyndon F. Lorenz — Jan 25, 1999

Another of Lyndon Lorenz's very nice earthlike scenarios. This one's based on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail System, with extremely nice tracks... it's called a test because it's not done yet, but don't let that stop you, it's quite playable as is. Read the readme for future plans... sounds pretty cool!