Files for Lyndon Lorenz

Marathon 5 Photo Textures

Lyndon Lorenz — May 05, 2000

Two photoshop PICT files, suitable for import into Anvil. One contains a very nice New York skyline, the other some pretty astounding photo textures of urban stuff. If you're building an Earth-like scenario, you MUST check these out.

Marathon 5 Artillery Test

Lyndon Lorenz — Mar 04, 2000

I might have pissed him off...I suggested the last Marathon 5 offering might have been lacking in replay value... this one avoids any such problem by making it nearly impossible to get to the replay stage. (I was able to finish the level on Easy, after failing several times at Normal. It's very, very easy to fall off a ledge whilst shooting, and that's all she wrote.) Very enjoyable, as long as you don't have high blood pressure. (The turret guns are quite satisfying to take out.) Artillery Test is definitely up to Lyndon's usual high quality standards. The full Marathon 5 package is coming closer and closer to reality... I can't wait till it's all put together!

Marathon 5 Lunar Simulation

Lyndon Lorenz — Jan 02, 2000

No baddies, no air, lots of nasty meteor showers. A nice little maze map. Careful... this ain't the moon you know. (There's magma in them thar hills.) Slick, through and through. Not a lot of replay value... but tons o' fun the first time through. C'mon... it's only a meg. Go read about it at the Lunar Simulation Page.

Marathon 5 Drone Test

Lyndon Lorenz — Jun 23, 1999

This is billed as a preview for Marathon 5, with a test map thrown in so you can see the new shapes. I'd say it's one heck of a fun quickie map, with some nasty exploding drones thrown in for your sidestepping pleasure. (Don't fall off the walkway... down is death.) My only disappointment was that there was no ending message... when you're done, the term says the same as it does when you're not done. Ah, well... it's a test. Go read about it at the Drone Test Page.

Marathon East

Lyndon Lorenz — Jan 16, 1999

Hack your way across Europe and North Africa, helped along (?) by The Commodore. Not for the weak-hearted... but beautiful, even if you're looking at it from a puddle of goo on the ground.


Lyndon Lorenz — Jan 16, 1999

A pretty slick 3-level scenario based in a city... pay phones work just like they do in real life (which means not all that often). New monsters, lots of new textures, great gameplay... try it, you'll like it.

Metropolis 2

Lyndon Lorenz — Jan 16, 1999

Three more levels of heavy carnage, based on the textureset used by the original Metropolis. Watch this guy!

Marathon Mars

Lyndon Lorenz — Jul 30, 1997

This author continues to marvel all of us with just what is possible with basically a couple of textures. From the author of Marathon Earth comes a new saga in the continuing adventure-Marathon Mars. Yes, I will admit at times it does get confusing-but what drives me to keep looking for the end is boggling. I keep restarting this thing, bear in mind, IT IS HARD. But, the new alien along with the number of sprites, well, give it a try and don't forget to the let the author know what you think. File includes a shapes juggler patch. (thanks Charles!) (by the way--you are on Mars. Don't forget about the oxygen shortage!) Make sure you can sidestep and glance up and down...

Marathon Earth

Lyndon Lorenz — Jun 06, 1997

The style of this author is unmatched by any map that I have seen since December of 95! This author can take basic polygonal shapes and expand on them to the point that you loose track of the fact that you are in the same geometry most of the time. A three level solo map that is designed to remind you of some earth type adventures. Level 1-Roswell-posted earlier on the hyperarchive, Level 2-Redwood Forest-some cool textures here. Level 3-Hometown USA-(dreamscape)-a complete revamp of Infinity texture sets. Some of these textures are really great!! The third level completely gets away from the poly shapes of the first two-maybe a branching out by the author? A great download and make sure you take the time to email the author with your comments. I still like his quasi-wrap around terminal idea!! A first.