Files for Mark Conahan

Industrial Strength (M2) (revised)

Mark Conahan — Aug 19, 2000

One side is full of canyons and ledges, the other side is a fortress. Between them is a lava river that serves more than one purpose. This map is really pretty to look at, but if you play it with aliens on, you'll never get to see that... revised version fixes smearing, tweaks ammo. This was fixed three years ago, but never made it into the archives.

Get Some

Mark Conahan — Aug 19, 2000

Wow. This one isn't new... again, it's a 1997 Conahan production that never made it into the archives... but wow. It's a training package... bobs are replaced with (damn good) pistol shooting marines, troopers are replaced with shotgun-toting marines, and cyborgs are replaced with missile-shooting marines. These guys are GOOD. You wanna practice, but have no net access? Download this. Comes with one of Mark's maps, and some textures that go with it. (Warning: it's very, very hard to stay alive. Find the rechargers, first off.)


Mark Conahan — Aug 19, 2000

Three maps from Mark Conahan, originally released in early 1997, but only on Mark's webpage. Finally making their way into the Archives. These all contain Mark's preferred organic shapes, lots of levels, lots of baddies... the cannons on Quetzalcoatl (labeled Pyramid in the readme) are a blast... literally. They give flyby SPNKRing a whole new meaning. Check 'em out!


Mark Conahan — Dec 14, 1999

Mark's been making Marathon maps since he could. (4+ years now.) He's collected up his best netmaps, retextured or retooled maps originally built for older Marathons, and added a few new designs. The package contains 18 maps, a few of which are variations on a theme. Carnage is quite high in single-player mode, due to the heavy concentration of aliens... most or all of which disappear in multiplayer mode. If you're looking for a netpack that your gaming group can load up and play for a while on your lunchbreaks, look no further.


Mark Conahan — Jan 15, 1999

A strange map... two hills, in areas not accessible from one another. Lots of organic-like curves, narrow passageways, multiple exits... needs a big group.

Repurposing Bob

Mark Conahan — Nov 18, 1996

Mark Conahan has taken all of his M1 maps (including those originally in Canyonlands, Go Wif Jeza, Bobco, some single-map releases, and some previously unreleased maps), tied them all together with a cynically entertaining storyline (reminded me of Harry Harrison), and bundled them with a huge assortment of shapes. These include all those first released with the above maps, plus new scenery, and some shapes and physics created by other people (the battle mech from Dogs of Pfhor, the fusion and spanker bobs from Dave Turner's High and Low map, a sight patch...). The entire package isn't completely bug-free, but it's very enjoyable.


Mark Conahan — Jul 18, 1996

A striking map, designed for king of the hill. You want to stay on the high ground, because there's a switch that will flood most of the map in lava... The hill is quite reachable from this switch, so beware the cherry picker. (The lava's supposed to drain if you leave the switch, but I found with a little fancy footwork, you could make it to the hill with the lava in place... it'll go off when they die and regenerate, but this is a cheap way to get a few extra seconds of hill time.)

Industrial Strength (M2)

Mark Conahan — Jun 30, 1996

One side is full of canyons and ledges, the other side is a fortress. Between them is a lava river that serves more than one purpose. This map is really pretty to look at, but if you play it with aliens on, you'll never get to see that... A little bit of smearing at the bottommost corridor, where the lava comes up too high, but nothing major.


Mark Conahan — May 06, 1996

A port of an M1 map that was included with the Go Wif Jeza package. I didn't like the original very much, because I kept getting whupped on it... but this is a very nice translation, taking advantage of lots of nice M2 features, and the next time I run into these guys...
Download it for its diversity of altitudes, its great flow, its ubiquitous ammo. The biggest negative would have to be its overabundance of rechargers, and I can live with that... Staying on the hill is a non-trivial exercise.


Mark Conahan — Dec 20, 1995

A concept map. A totally white world... great for the holidays. REQUIRES the Maddox/Hijacker textures (357K) for the two textures it uses... If you play this solo, be prepared to get your butt kicked by those regenerating troopers. Never fear, there's a recharger here somewhere... if only I could find my way through the snow...

Rick's House of Surly

Mark Conahan — Oct 14, 1995

Turns Hulks into big ugly fat dudes. Watch that right cross! Comes with a physics model (required) and House of Surly, a version of Bob World Headquarters (which you should get if you want to use this map-you need the shapes patch in it).

Madd Ox/Hijacker

Mark Conahan — Sep 04, 1995

Two maps, sharing a texture installer (compatible with the other MC products, Canyonlands and Bobco, available here as well). The Madd Ox building is the author's work building, and it's really well done (love the 70's carpeting!). Hijacker is a solo map (3 levels) in which you play DB Cooper. The plane is great, and the final level uses Buskey's Master Wall very nicely. (This level is repeated, tweaked for net play.) Very, very classy.

Go Wif Jeza

Mark Conahan — Aug 21, 1995

4 Levels. Really, really well thought out. These would be really tough as net levels (unless you turned aliens off), but for practice, you won't find a better set. (In fact, these benefit from the Canyonlands textureset, but don't require it. )

MC's Canyon Lands

Mark Conahan — Aug 15, 1995

Desert Levels. Great textures (first water I've seen outside of the M2 preview), and enough baddies that these levels work equally well as solo (explore) levels and net (kill) levels. The patch affects different texture sets than Bob World Headquarters (see above), so they can both be applied to the same Shapes file. This is now Rev 1, with a few textures fixed.

BobFro v1.1

Mark Conahan — Aug 02, 1995

A cityscape, complete with great signage and some funky extras. By the same guy as Canyon Lands. These two packages patch different texture sets, so you can apply the patches to the same Shapes file.