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Montsegur -SDL-

Mark Gelotte — Nov 14, 2000

An Aleph One/SDL conversion of Montsegur.

Converted by Craig Caroon of Electric Infinity.

To learn more about Aleph One/SDL or Aleph One/SDL for Windows, visit the respective pages.


Mark Gelotte — Apr 17, 1997

This is a runner up qualifier in the Marathon Map Making Competition for the Best Single Player category. The story line pick's up from the Robert Blake time line from M-2. You are on a trek to retrieve a chip and repair. Most of the time I personally have problems with small, thin, passage ways. But, with this map, you don't seem to notice it. Some very good flow along with some unique design. This is a tweaked version that is different than the one at the ftp site at Bungie. Some really cool lava pools that will make you "tip-toe" around them. The puzzles are one step ahead of you most of the time. A well thought out map with many secrets, so take your time.