Files for Mark Hudon

The Incident at Quiliam

Mark Hudon — Jan 25, 1999

A 7 (or 3, if you only count the action levels) level scenario. Nice attention to detail, it'll keep you on your toes. There are always shots coming from somewhere...

The Ka'Fein Clash

Mark Hudon — Feb 09, 1997

A single level solo map that is once again from the same author that designed Amaze Me. This level is a basic retrieve and repair level, BUT, it will actually require you to backtrack your steps many times. Don't always expect the expected with this one. Although the story line instructs you to retrieve some chips, the process that you go through has a couple of twists. Excellent design, great lighting and some fantastic object placement. Sounds could be a bit stronger but to be honest, I am really being picky here. Get this one, all kinds of great design ideas. We are all beginning to see that details are certainly starting to be a standard with mapmaking...

"Amaze Me, Live!"

Mark Hudon — Feb 08, 1997

A single level solo adventure that ranks up there with some of the best maps made since the editors were released. This map, the authors first, contains just about a little bit of everything. When I first saw the Pfhor texture set, I thought "here's another one". But, to begin with, the story line is great, the design is great and the lighting was really well done. If you are familiar with PID's "Evil Undead Phantasams Must Die" then you will see some familiarity with the pillar room in this level. Like we all learned in playing PID, the best thing to do is to conserve, converse and conserve. You will run out of ammo real fast if you're not careful. I was on Major Damage and finally ended up fighting cyborgs with my fists. A very, very good solo adventure...Some Frigidman tricks in this one and some very good object placements...